Sightron SII Big Sky Scope Review

The SII Big Sky series was initially introduced as a stepping-stone scope series between the Sightron SII scopes and the upper level (and more expensive) SIII line of scopes. When the SII Big Sky series was first introduced, it was initially marketed as the SII SS series. The name was eventually changed to the Big … Read more

Sightron SII Scope Reviews

The Sightron SII series of scopes is also built on a 1-inch tube and utilizes slightly better-quality glass with a 4 level coating (versus the 3 levels found on the SIH Hunter and SIH Field Target series). The SII scope series also offers slightly better eye relief compared to the SIH models and features a … Read more

How to Choose a Rifle Scope Reticle

Weaver V24 223 Reticle

If you’ve done any scope shopping so far, then you’ve probably already figured out that there are nearly as many reticle options on the market as there are rifle scope options. And, that number continues to grow as rifle scope brands continue to introduce more specialized reticles for specialized shooting applications.Now, if you compare the … Read more

Sightron SIH Hunter Scope Review

Sightron S1H Hunter scope 3.510X50

The SIH hunting series is Sightron’s entry level rifle scope series and is comprised of 7 different scope models in different power ranges and reticles. Up until a few years ago, Sightron had 16 different SI scope models and they are all grouped into a general SI scope group, but now they have separated the … Read more

Sightron SIH Field Target Scope Review

Sightron SIH Field Target scope model

If you were considering a Sightron scope and wanted to move up to the next level above the entry-level Sightron SIH Hunting series of scopes, the next level up would be the Sightron SIH Field Target series. Just to be clear, even though the Field Target series is a step up in quality, this series … Read more