Where Are Meopta Scopes Made?

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When the outdoor company I use to work for first started carrying the Meopta line of rifle scopes, one of the most common questions that I heard about them was, ” Where are Meopta scopes made? “

If you aren’t familiar with the Meopta line, it’s a fair question as where something is made can provide some insight into the quality and functionality of the item. However, depending on one’s perceptions of products from a specific country, where something is made can also work against it.

Meopta scope Brand

For example, many US-based shooters and hunters don’t have the highest opinion of rifle scopes that are made in China or the Philippines. The truth is, China and the Philippines can produce some very high-quality scopes with excellent optics, but most of the scopes manufactured in those countries are more budget-oriented, as it takes a substantial investment to produce good quality scope optics.

Meopta is headquartered in the Czech Republic in Europe and has facilities in the United States. Most all their optical lenses (as in the glass used in their line of rifle scopes) are made in the Meopta facility in the Czech Republic.

The answer to the where are Meopta scopes manufactured question is really dependent on the specific Meopta line of scopes we are discussing.

The higher-end lines line the Meopta ZD series, the MeoTac series, the MeoStar R1, and R2 series are all manufactured at the Meopta facility in the Czech Republic.

The more budget-oriented Meopta models, like the MeoPro series (which is their only series built on a 1-inch tube), have all the parts built in the Czech Republic but are assembled at the U.S.-based Meopta facility in Florida.  The MeoPro series are marked as being “made in the Czech Republic,” but they are actually assembled in the USA (at least, that’s the info I got from a Meopta sale rep).

Where are Meopta Scopes Made?

Meopta also did a collaboration series of rifle scopes with Cabela’s called the Cabelas Euro series of scopes, where Meopta manufactured the scopes under the Cabelas brand name. Although those scope models are clearly marked as being “made in the Czech Republic,” I was told that the parts are all made in the Czech Republic, and then the scopes were assembled in the Meopta USA facility.

Meopta collaborated with Zeiss, where Meopta manufactured the Zeiss Conquest line of scopes under the Zeiss brand. Those models were manufactured in the Czech Republic.

From a quality standpoint, the optical quality on the Meopta brand of rifle scopes is nearly as good as any scopes you’ll see from the more well-known European brands like Zeiss, Kahles, and Swarovski, at about half the cost.

If you come across a Meopta scope at a good price, I wouldn’t be concerned about the overall quality or optical quality as Meopta is a top-tier rifle scope brand that most people haven’t heard of yet.