Who Makes Centerpoint Scopes?

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Centerpoint scopes are the rifle scope division of the Crosman Corporation. If the Crosman name sounds familiar, it’s because Crossman is one of the largest manufacturers of pellet and BB guns in the United States.

Who Makes Centerpoint Scopes

At least once or twice a week at my day job, we are asked at least one question about the Centerpoint (or as some people write it, Center Point) scopes. Those questions cover a wide range of topics about this line of riflescopes, but one of the most common questions asked is this one: who makes Centerpoint scopes?

Center Point Scope Background

Before I answer that question, let me provide a little more background on this line of rifle scopes.

As Crosman is such a significant player in the pellet and BB rifle market, most people automatically assume that these riflescopes are only made for air guns. However, these days, that is not correct. When Crossman first began producing riflescopes, they were branded as Crosman scopes, and those models were only offered as a package deal with a Crosman air rifle.

Over the years, Crosman expanded the scope line and re-branded it as the Centerpoint line. Initially, the Crosman only offered this line in a 4×32 or 3-9 configuration. Today, they have expanded the line to the following scope models:

Scope Model


Best Suited For


CenterPoint 1-4x20mm Scope

(Model 72002)

Centerpoint Optics 72002 1-4x20 MSR Rifle Scope And Glass Reticle

Made for CQC or AR Platform

CenterPoint 4x32 Scope
(Model CP4032)

Crosman CenterPoint Optics CP4032 4x32mm Duplex Reticle Airgun Riflescope, Black

Made for Air Rifles

CenterPoint 3-9x32mm Scope
(Model LR392RG2)

CenterPoint Optics LR392RG2 Red/Green 3-9x32mm Illuminated Hunting Riflescope

Made for General Hunting

CenterPoint 2-7x32mm TAG Scope
(Model LR273RG2)

CenterPoint LR273RG2 2-7x32mm Rifle Scope with Illuminated T.A.G. Reticle and Picatinny Rings,black

Made for Shotguns or Muzzleloaders

CenterPoint 3-9x40mm TAG Scope
(Model LR394RG2)

CenterPoint Optics LR392RG2 Red/Green 3-9x32mm Illuminated Hunting Riflescope

General Hunting

CenterPoint 4-16x40mm TAG Scope
(Model LR416AORG2)

CenterPoint Optics LR416AORG2 Red/Green 4-16x40mm Illuminated Adjustable Objective Riflescope

Hunting and Shooting

CenterPoint 3-12x44mm PLT Riflescope
(Model LR312SFT2)

CenterPoint LR312SFT2 Precision Lock Turrets High Performance Riflescope

Hunting and Target Shooting

CenterPoint 1-4x24mm FFP Riflescope
(Model LR142FFP1)

Close Quarters AR Platform

With the most expensive model in the Centerpoint scope line having an MSRP of $199.99, these scopes are entry-level models that are very budget-friendly. While the glass quality on these scopes has improved over the years, it’s still about what you would expect for a new scope costing under $150.

If you’re in the market for one of these scopes, I’d suggest having a realistic expectation about the performance and quality. Like I mentioned before, I consider this scope series a true entry-level scope for someone who wants to spend less than $100, or, in some cases, less than $75.

Let’s get back to answering the original question of who makes Centerpoint scopes?

Each of the Centerpoint scope models is made in an optical facility in China for the Crosman Corporation. I’m not sure exactly which Chinese optical factory as there are a few. However, I’d wager that it’s the same factory that produces some of the lower-end (entry-level) scopes for some American-based scope brands as well. In some respects, the Centerpoint scopes remind me of some of the BSA scopes that were manufactured by YOH Optics in China.

I’ve mentioned this before on this site and want to address it again. Just because a scope is made in China, it is not automatically a piece of garbage. Some of the optical factories in China are capable of producing riflescopes that are well above average for the US market but don’t because most US consumers won’t buy a Chinese-made scope that costs $800. It’s simple economics.

That being said, some of the Chinese-made optics on the market are extremely low quality and are deserving of their reputation of being junk. While I wouldn’t place all the Centerpoint scopes in the junk category, as I’ve certainly seen worse, I will say that their ideal market is the budget-minded shooter who needs a basic scope with no frills.

Center Point 4-16x40 TAG Scope
Center Point 4-16×40 TAG Scope


Here are some frequently asked questions that I’ve regarding Center Point scopes:

Are Centerpoint scopes any good?

I am repeatedly asked the “is XXXX scope brand any good?” and I always struggle to answer the question for the following reasons:

  • “Good” is entirely subjective and primarily based on one’s opinion and experiences.
  • There is no universal definition of “good” when evaluating an item. One person’s version of good can be completely different from another person’s version, so the answer to the question is just one person’s opinion.

I have seen and heard mixed reviews of the Center Point line of scopes. I’ve had some customers who thought they were a reliable, inexpensive, entry-level scope, others who rated them as so-so, and I’ve had some who actually used the “junk” term.

If you had asked me that question about the quality of these scopes five years ago, I would have politely suggested that you look at other scope brands. However, over the last few years, Crosman has made some significant improvements in the glass quality, features, and performance of the Center Point scopes.

Now, is this scope brand in the same league as major brands like Nikon, Burris, and Vortex; the answer is no. However, these scopes do offer a significant number of features that you usually don’t see on a scope in the $150 and under price range.

Those features include:

  • Side focus (on specific models)
  • Illuminatinated reticles (on specific models)
  • Parallax that focuses down under the 50-yard mark

With scope optics, there is a certain amount of truth to the “you get what you pay for” idea. If you are on a strict budget or prefer a very inexpensive, new scope, then the Centerpoint line might be worth checking out.

I will also say this: the one Centerpoint scope model that customers generally seem to like universally is the CenterPoint 4×32 Crossbow scope. Everyone that I’ve spoken to about that model has raved about what a good crossbow scope it was for the money.

Who makes Center Point scopes?

All the Center Point scopes are currently made in China at a Chinese optical factory to the specifications provided by the Crosman Corporation. As the Centerpoint scope line continues to evolve, that could change in the future.

What is the Centerpoint scope warranty?

The Centerpoint scopes come with a non-transferable limited lifetime warranty that says:

“Your CenterPoint scope is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. This warranty does not cover damages due to fair wear and tear, failure to provide routine maintenance, and does not include batteries or accessories. This warranty lasts as long as the original purchaser owns the product, and is not transferable. In the event of a defect under this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the product provided our inspection indicates that an original defect exists. CenterPoint reserves the right to replace any product which is no longer available with a product of comparable value and function. If CenterPoint determines the repair is not covered under the warranty guidelines, there could be a charge to you for the repair. This is a limited warranty and does not cover damages caused by misuse, improper handling or installation or maintenance provided by someone other than CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors.

This limited warranty does not include consequential damages, incidental damages, or incidental expenses, including damage to property or any other expense. CenterPoint disclaims any implied warranties. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or allow limitations on implied warranties so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state and country to country.”

Non-transferable means that the warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and cannot be transferred to another if the scope is sold by the original buyer.

Have you done a Center point scope review?

Honestly, I haven’t, and I don’t really plan to.

Here are a few links to existing user-generated Centerpoint scope reviews that might help:

User reviews of Centerpoint scopes on Amazon

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I saw online that Centerpoint scopes are made by Nikon. Is this true?

Unfortunately, that is not correct. Centerpoint scopes are not made by Nikon, nor are they made at the same optical facility as Nikon. Most Nikon scopes were manufactured in the Philippines, while all the Centerpoint scope models are currently manufactured in China.

I saw some Centerpoint scope reviews online that made it sound like they were low-quality junk, but it sounds like you are saying differently.

As I mentioned previously, the quality and performance of a scope line are entirely based on opinion. Each person forms their own set of opinions based on several different factors. If you look hard enough, you can always find someone who has a low opinion of a particular product or service. That’s just the nature of opinions.

I don’t think the Centerpoint line of scopes is junk, but they are not a top-quality precision riflescope either. They are an affordable, entry-level series of scopes designed for budget-minded hunters and shooters.

Are the Centerpoint scopes a Walmart line or made for Walmart? I see these scopes in the sporting goods section of nearly every Walmart I visit?

The Center Point line of scopes is not a Walmart house brand. They are a brand owned by the Crosman Corporation. However, Crosman has a marketing arrangement with Wal-Mart and I know the Centerpoint scopes are a featured scope line in Walmart.

As I come across more questions about the Center Point scope line, I’ll update this section.