How to Evaluate Glass Quality

No matter how great the features, bells and whistles, or the price, the heart and soul of any scope is the glass used in the lens. The quality of that glass and optical coatings can mean the difference between a great scope and a so-so scope. Typically, with scope glass, you generally get what you … Read more

How Much Should I Spend on a Rifle Scope?

How Much Does a Scope Cost

If you browse any hunting forum, you’ll likely see posts asking various questions about buying a scope or optic. One of the more common questions asked is this one: how much should I spend on a rifle scope? If you spend any time looking on the internet for an answer to this question, you may … Read more

Sightron Scope Reviews


Sightron is one of those brands that is kind of what I call a fringe brand. They don’t have near the brand recognition as some of the older US-based brands like Leupold or Nikon, but they have developed a following since they hit the market. Before we get into scope specifics, let’s talk history: Based … Read more