A Comparison of the Nightforce SHV vs NXS Scope Models

Nightforce NXS Scope Controls

Founded in 1992, Nightforce Optics quickly established itself as a well-known manufacturer of higher-end rifle scopes and spotting scopes. The company originally started out marketing spotlights (for night hunting) and corresponding rifle scopes that would work well in conjunction with the spotlights for night hunting. Nightforce later began to focus more on the riflescope market … Read more

Overview of Leupold Scopes Serial Numbers

Example of Leupold Scope Serial Location

Leupold Optics is one of the premier sporting optics brands in the world and has established a near-fanatical following with shooters and hunters in the United States. Due to their overall popularity, it’s no surprise that I spend a substantial amount of time answering or trying to answer questions associated with the Leupold different Leupold … Read more

Reviewing the Leupold TMR Reticle

Reviewing the Leupold TMR Reticles

Choosing the ideal scope reticle is always a tricky proposition due to the sheer number of reticle options on the market today. Furthermore, your reticle choices can get even more complicated if you need a more specialized reticle option for a specific type or style of shooting. Recently, a reader contacted me through the website … Read more

Are Barska Scopes Junk or Any Good?

Are Barska Scopes Junk or Any Good?

Recently I received an email from a site visitor on www.riflescope-review.com asking the following question: “You seem pretty well versed in scopes so I wanted to get your opinion on the Barska scopes. I’m on a limited budget, and the Barska optics fit in my budget. However, as I’ve researched online, I see several varying … Read more

Burris vs Vortex Scopes: Which is Better?

Burris vs Vortex Scopes

With so many different rifle scope options on the market today, it’s not uncommon for prospective buyers to become overwhelmed with all the different brands, features, and power ranges. As such, I’m routinely asked (both in person at my day job and online through this website) to compare various brands at a high level. One … Read more