Comparing an Illuminated Reticle vs Non-illuminated Reticle

What is an illuminated reticle

When discussing rifle scopes and their various features, few topics seem to be more misunderstood than the topic of reticle illumination. In addition to being misunderstood, most hunters and shooters are not on the fence about illuminated reticles: they either swear by them or believe that they are useless. So, let’s take a few minutes … Read more

How to Choose a Rifle Scope Reticle

Weaver V24 223 Reticle

If you’ve done any scope shopping so far, then you’ve probably already figured out that there are nearly as many reticle options on the market as there are rifle scope options. And, that number continues to grow as rifle scope brands continue to introduce more specialized reticles for specialized shooting applications.Now, if you compare the … Read more