Overview of Leupold Scopes Serial Numbers

Example of Leupold Scope Serial Location

Leupold Optics is one of the premier sporting optics brands in the world and has established a near-fanatical following with shooters and hunters in the United States. Due to their overall popularity, it’s no surprise that I spend a substantial amount of time answering or trying to answer questions associated with the Leupold different Leupold … Read more

Reviewing the Leupold TMR Reticle

Reviewing the Leupold TMR Reticles

Choosing the ideal scope reticle is always a tricky proposition due to the sheer number of reticle options on the market today. Furthermore, your reticle choices can get even more complicated if you need a more specialized reticle option for a specific type or style of shooting. Recently, a reader contacted me through the website … Read more

A Comparison of the Leupold Rifleman vs VX1 Scope Models

Leupold Rifleman vs VX1

Trying to compare scopes from two different scope makers is always a challenge as it may not be an apples-to-apples comparison. However, at my day job, I’m routinely asked to compare one scope to another or asked if scope X is better than scope Y? I recently received an email from someone asking me to … Read more

Comparing the Leupold VX3 vs VX3i Riflescopes

Leupold VX3 vs VX3i Scopes

If you ask a group of hunters or shooters to name the most popular scope brand made in the US, the answer will almost always be Leupold scopes. In addition to being one of the most popular and bestselling optical brands on the market, Leupold (officially named Leupold & Stevens Inc.) is also the oldest … Read more