Sightron STAC Scope Reviews

Sightron introduced the S-TAC series of rifle scopes in 2016, and they are designed as a low to mid-powered scope series that could be used for nearly any shooting application: hunting, tactical or long range shooting, or general shooting. The S-TAC series was also introduced as an eventual replacement for the popular SII Big Sky … Read more

Where Can I Find Sightron Scopes on Sale?

Preowned Sightron STAC Scope From Ebay

This is a question that I see in hunting and shooting forums on a regular basis as most people are looking for a deal and don’t want to pay full price on a Sightron scope. The short answer to that question is “online”. The most accurate answer to that question will also be dependent on … Read more

Where Are Sightron Scopes Made?

Sightron STAC 4-20 MOA-2 Reticle2

During my time working at the rifle scope counter of a large outdoor retailer (that I’m not going to name), I spent most of my day answering questions about scopes, mounting scopes on rifles (which was a free service if you bought the rifle and scope from us), and showing customers the different scopes. At … Read more

Sightron SII Big Sky Scope Review

The SII Big Sky series was initially introduced as a stepping-stone scope series between the Sightron SII scopes and the upper level (and more expensive) SIII line of scopes. When the SII Big Sky series was first introduced, it was initially marketed as the SII SS series. The name was eventually changed to the Big … Read more

Sightron SIH Hunter Scope Review

Sightron S1H Hunter scope 3.510X50

The SIH hunting series is Sightron’s entry level rifle scope series and is comprised of 7 different scope models in different power ranges and reticles. Up until a few years ago, Sightron had 16 different SI scope models and they are all grouped into a general SI scope group, but now they have separated the … Read more