Where Can I Find Sightron Scopes on Sale?

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This is a question that I see in hunting and shooting forums on a regular basis as most people are looking for a deal and don’t want to pay full price on a Sightron scope. The short answer to that question is “online”.

The most accurate answer to that question will also be dependent on whether you are shopping for brand new or looking for a used Sightron scope. You’ll have more luck finding them new, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying one used if you know what you’re looking for and know what’s a good deal. Most of my Sightron SII Big Sky scope models were acquired used (or “pre-owned” if you prefer that term).

Used Sightron STAC Off Ebay
A like-new Sightron STAC scope that I snagged off Ebay

If you do happen to find a local guns store or big box sporting goods store that actually stocks the Sightron brand of rifle scopes, there’s a very good chance that they will have them prices at full MSRP as that’s what most big box sporting goods stores do. You might find a smaller mom & pop style gun store that has Sightron will have them priced a little under MSRP, but they probably won’t be discounted all that much.

Online shopping will probably offer your best bet to find the best prices and best selection for both used and new Sightron scopes.

If you’re shopping new, here are the most popular options:

A dedicated online vendor that specializes in rifle scope

To be specific, I’m talking about an e-commerce rifle scope vendor like  opticsplanet.com or scopelist.com. Those places are certainly good options as they will most likely have the largest offering of new Sightron scopes in the most configurations and reticle options.

The standard pricing will most likely be less than full MSRP as those online vendors can sell for less as their overheard costs are less than a brick and mortar store. Even with shipping, you can most likely find a better deal on a Sightron scope at an online vendor compared to a brick and mortar place.


The Amazon marketplace is large and, while they may not have as many of the various Sightron rifle scope models being offered compared to an e-commerce store, they may have better pricing, and even better shipping. If you are an Amazon Prime member, and the Sightron scope model you want is Prime Eligible, then you’ll get free two-day shipping as well.

The upside with dealing with Amazon versus an e-commerce vendor, is the hassle-free returns if there’s an issue, along with the Amazon support machine. The only drawback to shopping for a Sightron scope on Amazon is the chance that the specific Sightron model with the specific reticle that you want is not listed on Amazon.


While Ebay is better know as being a source of used goods, they are also a major supplier of brand-new items as well. There are a large number of Ebay vendors who sell new Sightron scopes on Ebay either via an auction format, a buy it now format, or through an Ebay storefront.

The upside of shopping on Ebay is the pricing is usually very competitive which means you can find some good deals, plus you have the Ebay feedback system which helps you decide which seller has the best track record.

The downside of shopping on Ebay is the shipping fees can be higher than what you run into on Amazon, and the return process (if needed) may not be as seamless and easy as the amazon system.

Preowned Sightron STAC Scope From Ebay
A second view of a like-new Sightron STAC scope that I won off Ebay

Used or Preowned Sightron scopes on sale

If you’re focusing on shopping for a used Sightron scope, then you’ve really got three options:


Even though Ebay offers a huge number of new items for sale, they built their reputation as a seller of used items. There are always a steady stream of used Sightron scopes that make their way through the Ebay system.

The trick to successfully shopping for a used Sightron scope on Ebay is to be familiar enough with the Sightron line to identify exactly what you want, and setting a bid limit when you do come across a Sightron scope model that you’re interested in. Not everything listed on eBay is a deal, so buyer beware.

The upside to shopping for used scopes on Ebay is that, if you know how the Ebay system works, and exactly what you’re looking for, you can find and score some really good rifle scope deals.

As I mentioned before, I’ve purchased a number of Sightron scope models via Ebay and have scored some very good deals. At the same time, some of the used Sightron scope models I’ve won off Ebay haven’t been such a great deal once I received the scope and had the chance to inspect it firsthand.

Again, buyer beware and ask questions of the seller before making any bids.

Preowned Sightron STAC Scope I Found on Ebay
A third view of a like-new Sightron STAC 4-20X50 MOA-2 scope that I won off Ebay

Shooting and hunting forums

Now there are literally a few hundred online forums that are dedicated to various types of shooting and hunting. Some are specific to an area or state, while others are specific to a type or hunting, while others are specific to a caliber or type of rifle calibers.

Most all those forums sites have a classified section where quite a bit of used items are offered and sold through the forum.

The upside to this approach is you can find some really good deals if you are a member of these forums and regularly monitor these classified listings.

The downside of shopping on forums is you have to be a member of each forum and active review the classified listings on a regular basis.

 Facebook for sale groups

If you happen to have a Facebook account, there are literally thousands of member only groups that are dedicated to a just about every topic that you can think of. Some of these groups have a buy/sell/trade aspect to them and some very good Sightron scope deals can be had through those groups as well.

To take advantage of this option, you’ll need a valid Facebook account, and you’ll have to spend some time searching locating and joining some of these Facebook groups with a buy/sell/trade component.

Once you join a group and subscribe to the buy/sell/trade section, you’ll get notified via email every time someone posts something for sale, and you can then act accordingly.

The upside to this approach is the deals sort of come to you via email and you can choose to ignore them, act on them, or make on offer on them.

The downside of trying to buy scopes this way is that the groups tend to be only mildly moderated and should you get ripped off, you really don’t have any recourse through the group itself or Facebook.

So, what do I recommend out of all these options?

If you’re shopping new, then my favorite option is Amazon as the prices tend to be very reasonable, and I love the fact that Amazon stands behind the purchase (at least for the most part). I’m also a Prime member myself and love the free two-day shipping option. If you want the option with the least amount of hassle and most security, then this one is my favorite.

If you’re shopping used, then my favorite option is Ebay. The sheer volume of used items is staggering, and you must mine through the listings to find a good opportunity. Now, you may have to keep a watch on what comes up for sale, and it may take some time to locate exactly what you want at a price you like, but the deals can be very good off Ebay.