5 Best Scope Mounting Torque Wrench Models

Torque Wrench with Bits

When it comes to mounting optics, most people prefer to do it themselves versus having it done by a gunsmith. Truth be told, mounting a scope isn’t all that hard, but there are a few tools and devices that will make the job easier. One such tool is a torque wrench (also called a torque … Read more

What are the Best CZ 455 Scope Rings?

Talley scope rings for CZ 455

The CZ 455 is a bolt action rimfire platform that was introduced by CZ in 2008. Designed as a successor to the popular CZ 452 series of rimfire models, the 455 featured an interchangeable barrel system, supposedly a better trigger system, and was machined to closer tolerances than the 452 series. The interchangeable barrel system … Read more