Sightron SIH Hunter Scope Review

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The SIH hunting series is Sightron’s entry level rifle scope series and is comprised of 7 different scope models in different power ranges and reticles. Up until a few years ago, Sightron had 16 different SI scope models and they are all grouped into a general SI scope group, but now they have separated the SI models into two distinct groups:

  • SIH Hunting Series (which I’m going to focus on here)
  • SIH Field Target Series

Sightron S1H Hunter scope 3.510X50

Although the SIH Hunting models are considered an “entry level” scope for Sightron, the entry level label is a bit misleading as I’ve found this series performs far better than a number of other “entry” level scope models marketed by some other very well-known brands.

The SIH Hunting series is basically a good quality, no frills type of scope offering that really is marketed towards the hunting market. The SIH Hunting models feature:

  • A 1-inch tube
  • Fully coated optics using a 3-layer coating
  • Adequate eye relief
  • Are waterproof and fog proof
  • Come with the Sightron Lifetime warranty.

As mentioned before, the SIH Hunting series is currently comprised of 7 scope models with the bulk of those being offered in a 3X9 power range with different reticles. In addition to the 3X9 models, Sightron also offers a 1.75-4X32 model along with a 3.5-10X50 model.

The reticles offered on the SIH models includes the following:

  • The traditional duplex reticle
  • A Mil-Dot reticle
  • A Hunter Holdover reticle (which Sightron refers to as an HHR reticle)
  • A fine crosshair reticle
  • A MOA-20 reticle

All the scope models in the SIH Hunter series are built with a fixed parallax that is set at 100 yards, with the exception of the 3-9X32 model, which has a fixed 50-yard parallax. Although a number of the Sightron scope models are manufactured in Japan, the SIH Hunter series is manufactured in the Philippines in a facility owned by the parent company.

Although the SI series is considered an entry level line, I wouldn’t consider it on the same level as many entry level models offered by competitors. Typically, you’ll find the SIH models ends up being equal to the 2nd tier or middle tier of scope models by a number of other brands.

Here are some commonly asked questions that I’ve heard at the scope counter regarding the SIH Hunter series of scopes:

How do I focus the parallax?

These models have a fixed, preset parallax of either 100 yards or a few with a 50 yard preset. At this price point, these model don’t have a focus or parallax adjustment.

What reticle do you recommend?

The answer really depends on what type of hunting you are doing. The standard duplex is always a good choice as it’s easy to understand and see, even in low light situations.

How’s the quality on these?

The SIH series is an entry level scope, but I’ve always found the quality to be much, much better than some other models. Not that I’m trying to bash a brand, but, let’s use BSA scopes as a comparison. While the BSA scopes cost a little bit less than the SIH Hunter models, the quality and construction on the SIH model is so, so, so much better. Again, Not bashing BSA, just stating an opinion based on experience in the industry.

Is there a downside to this rifle scope series?

If I had name one negative aspect of the SIH Hunter scope models, its the lack of adjustable parallax. For a dedicated hunting scope, the fixed 100 yard or 50 yard parallax will be fine for most, but I personally prefer an adjustable parallax or ficus.

If you are interested in one of the Sightron SIH Hunter models, here are a few places to check pricing: