Why is My Rifle Scope Blurry?

Bushnell Elite Tactical 4.5-30 scope

There are several reasons as to why a rifle scope might look blurry when you look through it. The solutions to remedy that situation range from fairly simple all the way to having to send the scope in for evaluation and repair. So let’s start with the simple reasons why the scope might be blurry: … Read more

How to Choose a Rifle Scope Reticle

Weaver V24 223 Reticle

If you’ve done any scope shopping so far, then you’ve probably already figured out that there are nearly as many reticle options on the market as there are rifle scope options. And, that number continues to grow as rifle scope brands continue to introduce more specialized reticles for specialized shooting applications.Now, if you compare the … Read more

What Rifle Scope Magnification Should I Get?

If we were having the conversation about what power scope do you need 30 years ago, my responses would be far more limited because, back then, there just were not that many power ranges available on the market. The traditional 3×9 was pretty much the default to everything, and there were a few brands that … Read more

Common Rifle Scope Terminology


If you are shopping for a new rifle scope, here are a few common terms that you probably should be aware of and understand. You don’t necessarily need to be an “expert” in these terms as much as understand what they mean and how they are tied to scopes: Parallax This is basically an optical … Read more

How to Evaluate Glass Quality

No matter how great the features, bells and whistles, or the price, the heart and soul of any scope is the glass used in the lens. The quality of that glass and optical coatings can mean the difference between a great scope and a so-so scope. Typically, with scope glass, you generally get what you … Read more