Meopta Scopes vs Nikon Scopes

Meopta scopes vs Nikon scopes

With all the different scope brands on the market these days, making an educated buying decision can be a real challenge when it comes to rifle scopes. Many shoppers focus more on scope brands or scope manufacturers versus scope features or power ranges. At my day job, I’m frequently asked to offer an overview of … Read more

Have the Nikon M 308 Scopes Been Discontinued?

Was the Nikon M 308 Scope Discontinued

When Nikon announced that they were exiting the riflescope market in December of 2019, it sent shock waves through the industry as they were a major industry player in the sporting optics market. Although there have been a number of theories floated around as to why Nikon exited the business, I suspect that, ultimately, it … Read more

Nikon is Exiting the Rifle Scope Business

Nikon Black FX1000 scope

For the last few months, there have been a number of rumors swirling around online that Nikon might be getting out of the rifle scope business. Well I somewhat “cornered” our Nikon representative at my day job and confirmed that they are in fact planning on stopping the production of rifle scopes at the end … Read more