What is the Best Vortex Scope for Deer Hunting?

vortex deer hunting scope

In order to answer the question of “What’s the best Vortex scope for deer hunting?”, we first have to establish some parameters about exactly what type of deer hunting are we talking about. For the most part, when you hear the deer hunting phrase, most people assume you are talking about hunting the Whitetail deer … Read more

What’s the Best Vortex Scope for Hunting?

whitetail deer in scope crosshairs

When it comes to rifle scopes, one of the most common questions I see and hear at the gun store counter regarding Vortex Optics, is: “What’s the best Vortex scope for hunting?” Well, here’s the answer, and it’s kind of a long-winded one. To a point, a definitive answer will depend on exactly a number … Read more