What are the Best CZ 452 Scope Rings?

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The CZ 452 is a magazine-fed bolt action rimfire series that was designed and marketed as a slightly modernized and updated successor to the Brno Model 2 rifle. The 452 series became an immediate success and helped lay the foundation for CZ’s continued success in the United States.

While I’ve owned several rimfire rifles throughout my life, I put the CZ 452 series of rimfire rifles as one of my all-time favorite lines of rimfire rifles. I’ve owned (or still possess) some top-end bolt action rimfire rifles from brands like Kimber, Anschutz, and Cooper; and I believe that the CZ 452 models offer one of the most accurate out of the box rifles for the money (Although the prices on the 452 series are rapidly increasing).

CZ 452 Scope Rings

Even though CZ discontinued the 452 line in 2011 in favor of the CZ 455 series (and I like the CZ 455 line as well), I still field questions at my day job or via email asking about scopes and rings for the different CZ 452 rifles. So, let’s take a deep dive into the topic of CZ 452 scope rings.

Brief History of the 452

Although the Brno Model 2 was introduced in 1954, the CZ line of firearms (not just their rimfire rifles) was not available for purchase in the United States in 1991.

However, the Brno rimfire rifles featured European styling that included European-styled stocks sloped stock (commonly called a humpback stock), a thicker than average pistol grip, and iron sights. Although these models offered excellent out-of-the-box accuracy, they were not great sellers for the American market.

In an effort to increase sales of their rimfire rifle line in the United States, CZ introduced a rifle called the CZ 452 American Classic in 1999. This rifle was designed for the US market and featured the following:

  • An “American” style stock with a straight comb
  • Understanding that the US market preferred optics over iron sights, this model did not come with iron sights.
  • Featured a weaver style 3/8″ dovetail rail built into the top of the receiver frame (versus the European standard 11mm rail)

The success of the American Classic model led CZ to expand the 452 line by introducing several other rifle models. Some models were built specifically for the American market (Like the American), while others featured a more European design.

While CZ also had success with some of their other rifle series in the US market, the CZ 452 rifles were a significant building block for CZ’s growing and continued success in the US.

In 2011, CZ discontinued the 452 series and replaced it with the CZ 455 rimfire platform.

CZ 452 Calibers

While the 452 rifles were initially only offered in a 22LR configuration, CZ would later add a 22WMR option as well.

In 2003, CZ expanded the 452 caliber options by offering rifles in the up-and-coming .17 HMR caliber. In 2004, CZ added another up-and-coming Hornandy based rimfire round called the 17 Mach 2 to the 452 line.

CZ 452 American Scope Rings

Eventually, the CZ 452 series featured rifle models available in the following calibers (although not every 452 model was available in all 4 calibers):

  • 22 LR
  • 22WMR (which also called the 22 Magnum)
  • .17 HMR (Which is sometimes called or written as 17HMR or just HMR)
  • .17 Mach 2 (Which was sometimes called the 17M2, 17 Mach II, or 17 HM2)

I owe or have owned a 452 rifle in every caliber, except for the 22WMR. While I shoot more .22 than any other rimfire caliber, I also have a great fondness for the 17 Mach 2 as it’s a superb longer-range small game round. Unfortunately, the Mach II seems to be dying a slow death in the firearms industry. Fewer rifles are being offered in the caliber, and ammo is becoming less common.

CZ 452 Models

Listed below are the more common CZ 452 models and information about the rail size for each model. Keep in mind that this is not a complete list of every 452 model ever offered, as CZ was notorious for doing limited runs or specialty runs of 452 variants. These included limited production models like the 452 Tribal, which featured an engraved stock, or the 452 St. Patrick’s edition with a green stock.

452 American

The American series was initially offered with a 22.5″ barrel, but CZ later added a 16.2″ version that was factory threaded (in 1/2×20). As previously mentioned, this series was designed for the US market, so it was offered with a Turkish walnut stock. CZ would also offer a version with a Beechwood stock called the 452 American Special.

CZ 452 American Rifle
CZ 452 American in 22LR

Technically speaking, the American series was advertised as being equipped with a 3/8″ weaver style dovetail for scope mounting. However, a select few American models ended up being fitted with an 11mm rail instead of the 3/8″ rail.  My first 452 American was a 2001 model, and it has an 11mm rail.

Since “most” of the American models have a 3/8″ rail, you’ll need scope rings built for a weaver rail (3/8″).

452 Varmint

This model featured the straight comb American style stock of the American series mated to a 20.5 inch tapered varmint barrel. This barrel is .980, where it mounts into the receiver and then tapers down to .680 at the muzzle.

This model is a bit of an enigma as it has some features common to the American series (such as the American style stock), but other features more common to CZ’s European styled rifles.

Like the American series, this series does not come with iron sights but does feature an 11mm dovetail for scope mounts.

452 Trainer

Very much like its name, the 452 Trainer was designed as a training rifle (also called a “cadet rifle”) for teaching the basic principles of firearms safety and marksmanship via iron sights. This model features a European-style Bavarian stock made from beechwood. Unlike a traditional American-style stock, the Bavarian-style stock features an angled grade on the stock, making it ideal for shooting with iron sights.

This model does come with a tangent rear sight with calibrated markings out to 200 meters. This rifle series is also equipped with an 11mm dovetail rail for mounting a telescopic sight.

452 Ultra Lux

The 452 Ultra Lux is a longer barreled version of the 452 Lux, featuring a 28.6″ barrel. This model is equipped with the European style “humpback” stock, and comes with tangent iron sights. Like the 452 Trainer, this model’s rear tangent sight can calibrate out to the 200 to 300-meter range.

Also, like the 452 Trainer, the Ultra Lux (UL) is geared towards shooting with open sights or iron sights. However, it does feature an 11mm scope rail for scope mounting.

452 Scout

The 452 Scout was designed as a rifle for youth or smaller adults. It features a shorter barrel mated to a compact stock (more compact than the full-size stock on the other 452 models), making it lighter and easier to handle.

The stock on this model is a cross between the CZ straight American style stock and the CZ European style humpback stock. This series features open sights but is also equipped with an 11mm rail for optics.

452 Lux

The 452 Lux is a more compact version of its cousin, the 452 Ultra Lux. It features a 24.8-inch barrel mated to the CZ Bavarian-style humpback stock with a Schnabel-style fore-end. The Lux model comes with tangent-based iron sights that are adjustable out to 200 meters.

While the Lux model is geared towards open sight shooting, it is also equipped with an 11mm scope rail for scope mounting.

452 Silhouette

The 452 Silhouette was a variant offered by CZ specifically geared towards rimfire metallic silhouette shooting (hence the Silhouette name).

For the most part, the Silhouette is the 452 American action placed in a polymer stock with raised cheek and comb. The stock design is geared towards offhand shooting found in metallic silhouette competitions.

CZ 452 Silhouette Rifle
CZ 452 Silhouette Rifle

While the 452 Silhouette action is similar to a 452 American action, it’s not exactly the same. For example:

  •  The Silhouette uses a different action screws configuration compared to the American action
  •  The Silhouette is equipped with an 11mm scope rail where the American uses a US-based 3/8″ rail.

CZ did offer a variant of the Silhouette that featured a 16″ threaded barrel (threaded in 1/2×20), but those models seem to be restricted to the 17 HMR caliber only.

These days, the Silhouette models are hard to find but are one of my favorite 452 models.

452 Style

The 452 Style is identical to the 452 Silhouette, except that the Style comes in a nickel-plated finish. It uses the same polymer stock as the Silhouette.

Like the Silhouette, the Style was equipped with an 11mm dovetail rail for scope mounting.

The Style seems to have been produced in smaller quantities compared to the 452 Silhouette as it’s extremely hard to find one for sale these days.

Factors to Consider In Choosing CZ 452 Scope Rings

If you’re in the market for scope rings for a CZ 452 rifle, there are basically three factors to take into consideration:

  • 3/8″ Dovetail vs. 11mm Dovetail
  • Rifle Scope Tube Size
  • Scope Ring Height

Let’s go a little deeper into each of those sub-topics:

3/8″ Dovetail vs. 11mm Dovetail

All the CZ 452 rifle models feature the capacity to add a riflescope as all models come with a dovetail (also called a scope rail) that is either 3/8″ wide (following the traditional American (Weaver) system) or 11mm wide (following the European standard rail system).

Since most 3/8″ scope rings won’t fit an 11mm rail (although there are a few exceptions to that rule) and most 11mm scope rings won’t fit on a 3/8″ rail (again, there are a few exceptions to that rule as well), it’s essential to be clear about the size of the rail on the 452 version that you are trying to scope.

The easiest way to avoid any issues to purchase 3/8″ scope rings for models with a Weaver 3/8″ rail and purchase 11mm rings for 452 models with an 11mm scope rail.

So, if you have read everything on this page so far, then you’ve figured out that “most” of the 452 rifle models were equipped with an 11mm rail, except for the 452 American models, which have a 3/8″ scope rail.

Having rifles from the same series with two differently sized scope rails caused some issues for CZ, so they corrected that issue when they introduced the CZ 455 rifle series. All the CZ 455 rifle models were built with an integrated 11mm dovetail.

Rifle Scope Tube Size

Once you’ve figured out the appropriate rail size, then you’ve got to account for the tube size of the scope you plan on mounting.

Currently, there are scopes on the market in the following tube sizes:

  • 1 inch (which is the most common)
  • 30mm (second most common)
  • 34mm (riflescopes built on this tube size are usually dedicated, long-range models)
  • 35mm (Also usually a dedicated long-range or tactical scope)

Chances are when shopping for a scope, you’ll be looking at either a 1-inch tube or a 30mm tube.

A scope built on a 1-inch tube requires 1-inch scope rings, while riflescopes constructed on a 30mm tube need 30mm scope rings.

Scope Ring Height

The final piece of the puzzle with scope rings is choosing the ring height. The height of the scope rings determines how high the scope will ride over the muzzle.

There are several factors that determine the minimum ring height, but the two most significant factors are:

  • Size of the Scope Objective Lens
  • Amount of clearance needed for the 452 bolt action to be able to fully operate without making contact with the scope

Let’s cover those topics as well:

Size of the Scope Objective Lens

The objective lens on a scope is the part of the scope closest to the item or target being viewed. These lenses are measured in the diameter of the lens, and the measurement is in millimeters.

These days, objective lens come in sizes that include:

  • 32mm
  • 40mm
  • 42mm
  • 44mm
  • 50mm
  • 60mm

The larger the size of the objective lens, the taller the scope rings will need to be to accommodate the lens.

Rifle Bolt Clearance

In addition to accommodating for the size of the objective lens on the scope, you also have to take into account the position of the rifle bolt at its highest point in the bolt action process. If you mount the scope too low, the scope’s position may interfere with the bolt action process.

CZ 452 Bolt Clearance

Getting Back to the Topic of Scope Ring Heights

Scope rings come in several different heights and not every scope ring brand “calculates” the height or size universally.

Some brands determine the height by a general term like low, medium, or high, while other brands actually use a distance formula. For example, some scope ring manufacturers offer rings that are ½” high, meaning those rings are designed to ride ½” above the scope rail.

Given that very few scope ring manufacturers use the same system or name, it can make buying the right set of rings a challenge.

Recommended CZ 452 Scope Rings

There are two brands of rings that I really like for the 452 series:

  • Talley Rings
  • BKL Rings

Let me take a second to discuss each and why I like them over over brands:

Talley Scope Rings

Talley has been in the scope ring business for almost as long as I’ve been alive. They are a premier and well-known brand in the shooting optics industry.

I started using Talley rings about 15 years ago for both centerfire and rimfire rifles. Their rings are precision made and built like a tank. Now that precision and durability come at a price because Talley stuff is not cheap. However, when properly mounted, they keep the scope in place no matter what.

CZ 452 American with Talley Scope Rings
CZ 452 American with Talley Scope Rings

Not every 452 I own has Talley rings, but probably 70% do.

Talley manufactures one group of 1 inch and 30mm scope rings made for both the CZ 452 American with a 3/8″ rail, and another group made to fit the 452 models with an 11mm rail.

Let’s start with the 1-inch models for the CZ 452 American:

Talley CZ 452 American - 3/8" Dovetail - 1 Inch Rings

Medium Rings - Works with 1 inch scopes with an objective up to 40mm (Ring Height .400")

High Rings - Works with 1 inch scopes with an objective lens up from 42mm to 50mm (Ring Height .500")

Extra High Rings - Works with 1 inch scopes with an objective lens over 50mm (Ring Height .600")

These Talley rings are the 30mm models for the CZ 452 American:

Talley CZ 452 American - 3/8" Dovetail - 30mm Rings

Medium Rings - Works with 30mm scopes with an objective up to 40mm (Ring Height .400")

High Rings - Works with 30mm scopes with an objective lens up from 42mm to 50mm (Ring Height .500")

Extra High Rings - Works with 30mm scopes with an objective lens over 50mm (Ring Height .600")

And here are all the 1-inch models for all the other CZ 452 rifles with an 11mm rail:

And here are all the 30mm models for all the other CZ 452 rifles with an 11mm rail:

 BKL Scope Rings

I’ve always felt that BKL rings were a real sleeper in terms of quality and value. I’ve found that their scope rings are reasonably priced and very well built.

Remember when I previously mentioned above that there were a select few ring manufacturers who offered a single scope ring configuration that would fit both a 3/8″ rail or an 11mm rail and even fewer who did it well? Well, BKL is one of those companies, and the fit is excellent on both rail sizes.

One thing to be aware of with BKL is they sell their rings in a set and as singles. Ensure that you’re buying a set and not a single (like I once did when I was in a hurry).

The links below all point to sets.

BKL manufacturers their scope rings for the 452 in a 1-inch version and a 30mm version and offers the following ring heights:

BKL 1 Inch Rings

BKL CZ 452 Rifles - 3/8" or 11mm Dovetail - 1 Inch Rings

Low Rings - Works with 1 inch scopes with an objective up to 44mm

High Rings - Works with 1 inch scopes with an objective from 44mm up to 50mm

BKL 30mm Rings

So, which of the rings I suggested above is the best choice?

The answer really depends:

  • If you want the best, most durable rings for the money, then I’d lean towards the Talley’s.
  • If you’re shopping strictly on budget, then the BKL rings are the better choice.
  • If you want 1 set of rings that will work on both an 11mm and 3.8″ rail, then the BKL’s are the clear winner.

Keep in mind, the rings I listed above are my own personal favorites. There are plenty of other excellent ring brands out on the market that make rings for the CZ 452. Brands like Burris, Weaver, and Leupold all make excellent scopes rings in versions for the 452.


Here are some of the more frequently asked questions that I’ve seen or been asked in regards to CZ 452 rifle scope rings:

I’m looking for a set of CZ 452 Scout scope rings. Will any of the rings you suggested above work for a Scout?

Yes, either the BKL or Talley rings I mentioned above work very well on a 452 Scout. Since the Scout has an 11mm rail, you’d need to make sure that you selected the Talley rings made for an 11mm dovetail.

Where can I find scope rings for a CZ 452 Trainer?

The 452 Trainer model features an 11mm scope rail, so any set of scope rings made for an 11mm rail would fit the Trainer.

What’s a CZ 452 American dovetail size?

The dovetail (scope rail) built on the CZ 452 American series is supposed to be 3/8″; however, there are a few American models out there that actually have an 11mm rail. Most 452 American rifles I’ve seen are equipped with the 3/8″ weaver style dovetail.

What’s the best height for CZ 452 riflescope rings?

There really is no definitive “best” height as there are so many variables that may impact the necessary ring height. Although I’ve already touched on them previously in this article, those variables include:

  • Size of the lens on the scope
  • Required height for bolt clearance

I prefer to mount the scope on a 452 as close to the rifle bore as possible, so I lean towards the lowest scope rings possible where the scope objective doesn’t contact the bore, and there’s enough clearance for the bolt (and my fingers) to cycle without making scope contact.

Will scope rings made for a CZ 455 also fit a CZ 452?

Maybe, but the answer will depend on the specific 452 model being discussed. Scope rings made for a CZ 455 will fit any of the CZ 452 rifles, except for the 452 American models. All the 455 rifles are built with an 11mm scope rail, while most of the 452 American rifles have a 3/8″ rail. If you’re shopping for CZ 455 rings, I wrote about those here: CZ 455 Scope Rings.