Why Can’t I Find Any Vortex Fixed Power Scopes?

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Since Vortex Optics first entered the riflescope market in 2002, they have steadily grown their customer base to the point where they are a major player in the mid to upper rifle scope market. Vortex seems to have successfully offered a good quality product backed by an even better quality warranty. Given Vortex’s success, it’s not surprising that I’m routinely asked about Vortex fixed power scopes.

Vortex Fixed Power Scopes

Unfortunately, Vortex Optics only offers 1 fixed power scope model these days (as of 2020), and it’s made for muzzleloaders. That model is a Vortex Crossfire II in a 1X24 configuration (Model CF2-31047) with a basic V-Plex reticle. Although this model is still offered for sale, there have been rumors that it may be on the road to be discontinued. So, if you’re a fan of this particular Vortex scope model, then you might want to grab one sooner rather than later.

Now Vortex did offer a few other fixed power scope models in the original Crossfire line of scopes, but those models were phased out in 2012.

Since I get a fair number of questions about those fixed power models, here’s a little bit more information about each one:

Vortex Fixed 4 power scope - CRF-432

Crossfire 4X32 (Model CRF-432)

This model was a fixed 4 power scope that was built on a 1-inch tube with a 32mm ocular bell.

It was only available with Vortex’s V-Plex reticle.

Vortex Fixed 6 power scope - CRF-640

Crossfire 6X40 (Model CRF-640)

This model was a fixed 6 power scope built on a 1-inch tube with a 40mm ocular bell.

Like its 4 power cousin, the 6X model was only available with a V-Plex reticle.

Keep in mind both of these models were actually the first generation of the Crossfire series of scopes, which was later replaced with the Crossfire II models. Although both of these specific models have officially been discontinued, you can still one here and there on the used and pre-owned market.

Here are some of the more commonly seen questions I see and hear regarding these fixed power Vortex scope models:

Does Vortex have a fixed power rifle scope?

As mentioned above, the only fixed power scope model that Vortex offers (at the time of this writing) was a fixed 1×24 scope for muzzleloaders (Model CF2-31047).

I know Vortex use to make a fixed 4 power scope because I had one. Do you know why they stopped making them?

I’ve posed that question to several different people in the Vortex company, and the general answer seems to be a two-part answer:

(1)   The demand for lower-powered fixed power scopes (like the 4x and 6x) seemed to be slowing down.

(2)   The fixed power models didn’t sell as well as the adjustable power models, so it made more sense to focus on what was popular versus what wasn’t.

Where can I find a Vortex fixed 4 power scope?

Since Vortex no longer manufactures a 4 power scope model, you’re best bet will be to either look at another scope brand that still offers a fixed 4 power scope model (and there are many) or keep your eyes open on the used market with your best bet being eBay.

I have an older Vortex fixed 6 power scope that I absolutely love on my 10/22, but something is wrong with it. Where can I find another one?

Before I would even consider looking for another one, I’d call Vortex customer service to see if the one you have can be fixed. Vortex has a phenomenal warranty program. Even though Vortex has discontinued the specific 6x model you have, I’d be surprised if they won’t fix it under warranty.

Does Vortex make a fixed power scope?

As I mentioned previously above, the only fixed power scope that Vortex still offers is a 1×24 model made for a muzzleloader. Vortex phased out their 4 power and 6 power scope models years ago.

I’m trying to find a Vortex fixed 10 power scope that was similar to the scope I used in the military. Can you help me find one?

Unfortunately, to my knowledge, Vortex has not manufactured or offered a scope in a fixed 10x configuration, although that’s a popular configuration. Many other rifle scope brands still offer a fixed 10X power scope, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty locating one.