What is the Best Long Range Scope on the Market?

best long range scope on the market today

At my day job, I basically talk to customers all day about rifle scopes and various types of optics related questions. One really common question that I routinely hear and am asked is the what is the best long range scope on the market? Now the answer to this question is not an easy one … Read more

Where Can I Find Long Range Scopes on a Budget?

Cabelas Meopta Instinct Euro Scope

Finding a good quality extended range scope on a limited budget can sometimes feel like hunting for a unicorn, as they can be rare and difficult to find. However, those unicorn rifle scopes do exist! Below are my top 5 suggestions for the top long range scopes on a budget. This list is based on … Read more

Where Are Meopta Scopes Made?

Meopta scope Brand

When the outdoor company I use to work for first started carrying the Meopta line of rifle scopes, one of the most common questions that I heard about them was, ” Where are Meopta scopes made? “ If you aren’t familiar with the Meopta line, it’s a fair question as where something is made can … Read more