Where Can I Find Used Meopta Scopes?

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Before answering that question, it’s important to clarify exactly what you are looking for in terms of a used Meopta scope, as there are various degrees of “used”.

For example, if you know where to look, there are used Meopta scopes that may be available in the following formats:

Demo Models

Several sporting goods stores who sell rifle scope models will have “demo” models that are typically the ones that are shown in the display cases. These models are made available for customers to handle, look through, review, and inspect.

At the end of the way, even though these models haven’t been mounted on a rifle, these models can’t really be sold as new as they have been handled and manipulated by customers.

Meopta Cabelas rifle scope

As such, these sample models are marketed and sold as “demos” or “open box” and typically are available at a discounted price.

The trick is finding these Meopta demo or sample models for sale. Here are a few sources that I’ve seen that do offer demo or sample Meopta scopes for sale from time to time:







Natchez Shooters Supply


Optics Planet



Return models are basically exactly what they sound like. Scopes that have been purchased and then returned for one reason or another. In many cases, there’s nothing wrong with the scope, and it was returned because the buyer didn’t like it.

Cabelas Instinct Euro 4-16 scope

Returns are a little harder to find as there are fewer places that resell returned Meopta rifle scopes.

The thing to be aware of with a returned Meopta scope is that fact that it will be offered and sold as-is with no option to return. And, those models may or may not be covered under the factory warranty, depending on the warranty terms.

For example, Meopta requires that the buyer register the scope in order to be eligible for warranty coverage, but if the scope is already registered under the original buyer’s name, then it’s unclear if the warranty transfers to the new owner. Just something to think about.

Pre-owned or Used

This category covers what most people think of when you are talking about “used” rifle scopes. These Meopta scopes may be for sale by either a private individual or through a company, and most likely will be available “as-is” without any type of warranty or return options.

The most popular (and probably best) location to shop for a used Meopta scope is Ebay. Now, the upside to using Ebay is it does afford you some recourse in the event that the scope isn’t as advertised, is broken, etc. under Ebay’s buyer protection program.

Cabelas Meopta Instinct Euro Scope

Personally, I’ve purchased a number of pre-owned rifle scopes off Ebay and been pretty pleased with the results. Now, I have had the occasional issue here and there, but Ebay did get involved as needed and the issues were resolved fairly quickly.

I’ve also found some very good deals on Meopta scopes on Ebay, so I’m practicing what I preach here. I have two of the Cabela’s Instinct Euro brand of scopes that were manufactured by Meopta for Cabela’s, and those are fantastic scopes for the money. As a matter of fact, the pics above are one of those Cabelas/Meopta scope models.

I also have a very nice Meopta MeoStar R2 scope that I grabbed off Ebay and got a great deal on that scope.

However, it’s also important to understand that not every Meopta scope listed on Ebay is a good or great deal. You may have to sift through some listings to find the specific Meopta model you want at a good price.

Here are some of the best preo-owned Meopta scopes I found on Ebay: